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Some of my answers are highlighted in red on the summary page – what does this mean? 

Answers highlighted in red means that a risk score has been allocated to the answer you have provided. This could be for a variety of reasons such as the service you provide has a risk associated with it (e.g. TCSP services). Or it may be that you have cash intensive clients which again has a risk associated to it. Or it may be that you haven’t provided Policy & Procedures documentation for a certain area that is mandatory as part of the AML Regulations and CCAB Guidance, any answer that is highlighted in red will contribute to your overall risk score. Some risks you will be able to negate – such as providing the relevant Policy & Procedure documentation. Other risks will remain whilst you provide those specific services or engage with particular clients. For those risks it is about management through regular reviews and implementing mitigation strategies to help reduce the impact of the risk.