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Why does my Practice/Service Risk show as Very High Risk? 

For every question you answer, a score is allocated depending on the answer you provide. This score is predetermined by the IAB and will be dependent on a number of risk factors associated with that specific question. The higher the associated risk with the category concerned the higher the score. This rating does not mean that there is definitely a risk in your practice as you may already have mitigation procedures in place. The rating is intended to provide an indication that there is an associated very high risk and to prompt vigilance in that area to ensure any associated risk has appropriate mitigation in place. Where no risk is indicated for an answer you have provided a score of 0 will be allocated to that specific question. For an answer that indicates potential medium risk a score of 5 will be assigned. For an answer that indicates a high level of risk a score of 10 will be allocated to that answer. For an answer that indicates a very high risk is associated then a score of 15 is assigned. The scores are then totalled for each category (e.g. Practice, Service, Client) and assigned a total risk score. The overall risk rating assigned (e.g. Low, Medium, High, Very High) will be taken from the highest rating that has been assigned throughout the completion of that category. For instance, a Practice may have one client who is a Politically Exposed Person. The level of risk associated with this type of client is Very High so the Practice will be assigned a Very High Risk, even if the Practice only scores 15 overall because no other risk score is assigned to any other answer.